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Every once in a while a perfect corporate gift comes along.  This year that perfect corporate gift is a branded Yeti engraved with your logo.  No doubt you’ve seen everyone carrying around Yeti stainless steel tumblers.  They’re everywhere.  And for good reason.

As a certified coffee addict – my Yeti keeps my coffee warm for an astounding period of time.  I’ve never loved a coffee tumbler like I love my Yeti.

I engraved numerous small and large Yeti’s with my own Pineapple Gifts logo.  They look amazing.  Even logos with fine lines and small details come out crystal clear and sharp on the contrasting silver surface.  I have given my engraved Yetis to several clients and prospects.  The reaction you get is one of pure glee when you give someone a coveted Yeti.  I now bring them to all my client events and various meetings.  People always notice them and comment on how great they are. I agree.

Branded Yetis are a truly a fabulous corporate gift.  Think about it.  It’s something most people will use every day.  And while not everyone drinks coffee, everyone drinks something.  Not only does the Yeti keep hot drinks hot for an incredibly long time, it also keeps cold drinks cold for even longer.  What better way to showcase your brand!!

The only drawback to Yetis is the price.  They are a premium item and sell for a premium price.  The small engraved Yeti is $44 and the large engraved Yeti is $54.  If that’s a bit much for your company’s budget, don’t worry.  There are numerous copycat items on the market for a fraction of the price that perform just as well.  Give me a call at 404-931-4416 and we can discuss all the options.

So if you’re thinking about doing custom Yetis – now’s the time! Custom Yetis are that rare corporate gift trend that makes an exceptionally appropriate and lasting gift for a large variety of purposes.  You can use them internally for employee gifts and rewards, externally for prospects and clients, as giveaways at trade shows and events you sponsor.  Whatever you use them for, one thing is guaranteed, custom branded Yetis will be a huge hit with your recipients and serve as a showcase for your brand for literally years to come. This is a trend that is well worth the investment.