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Corporate Gifts for SummerSummer is almost here!  Time to stock up on some great corporate gifts that are perfect for your corporate retreat, company picnic, summer golf tournament, client outing, etc.

Great corporate gifts for the summer should definitely reflect the season.  Your items will definitely be more relevant to your recipients and most important be used more if you take note of the season.

Here are a few great corporate gifts for the upcoming summer season.

Ball Caps

More and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of the sun and wanting to stay protected.  A great ball cap is a fantastic item to give away.  It’s unisex and looks fantastic with a logo embroidered on the front.

Beach Towels

This is one of my favorite summer gifts.  Beach towels are so useful in the summer and look absolutely amazing with a great logo.  We have a huge selection of fun beach towels that will definitely get your brand noticed.


It seems I can never have enough quality bags in the summer.  There are so many times a great bag comes in handy.  There are so many different types of bags that work for corporate gifts and they look fantastic branded.  Another great way to get your brand noticed!

Water Bottles

This is one of those gifts that so many companies have done, many people don’t want to even look at them since they feel they’ve already given them out.  However, there are actually a number of innovative twists on custom water bottles that may make you take a second look.  There are water bottles that have infusers for fruit.  They are great for health conscious folks and on trend.  There are also the tried and true Tervis Tumblers in every size and color imaginable leaving you endless options to be creative and tie in the look and feel of your corporate gifts with your events.

Custom Yetis

Not only do Yetis keep hot drinks hot, they also keep cold drinks cold for a crazy amount of time.  My friends husband fills up his Yeti with ice water every day, leaves it in his car during work in the sun and when he returns eight hours later the ice is still ice cold – that’s pretty amazing.  The large custom Yetis are a fantastic summer gift perfect for special events, big clients and prospects as well as internal executives.  Yetis can be customized with most any logo and always come out fantastic.

Hopefully this gives you a few great corporate gift ideas to think about when coming up with items for your needs during the upcoming summer months.