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The vast majority of realtors I meet like to give their clients a housewarming gift when they close on their new home.  It has become a standard practice and quite frankly is almost expected since most realtors do customarily give a gift.

Because the process of buying and selling a gift is so personal, I feel strongly that a great housewarming gift should be too!

First let’s take a minute to talk about what NOT to give.  Gift cards and edible gift baskets are at the top of the Do Not Give list.  Both are easy to quickly pick up or order which makes them appealing choices.  However, both are truly poor choices.  They are neither personal or lasting.  And ideally your housewarming gift should be both.  In addition, it should be used and serve as a constant reminder to keep your name top of mind when a friend or relative of theirs needs a new house.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite Housewarming Gifts.

Cutting BoardBeautiful Cutting Boards – Cutting boards make a fabulous housewarming gift.  The ones I carry can be personalized on the front with the initial of the homeowners last name and on the back with your logo or message.  The best thing about the boards I have is they come in a huge variety of sizes and price points.  Regardless of if you pick the biggest board or the smallest – this make a great personalized housewarming gift!

USA_1016_WHITE_1024x1024Reclaimed Wood Recipe Holder – another of my favorite housewarming gifts is a fabulous reclaimed wood recipe holder.  It’s always great when you can tie a gift into a message and this one works really well for this gift – “Recipe for a Happy Home – 4 T Love, 3 T Patience, 3 T Kindness, and Both of You!  Congratulations!”

Serving Pieces – On trend reclaimed wood platters, slate cheeseboards or great outdoor serving pieces are all examples of fantastic housewarming gifts.  These items will likely be used when they have friends and relatives over.  Unique and beautiful items are sure to be commented on and will prompt your recipients to talk about who got them the gift.  Hopefully they had a great experience with you and it also prompts a comment about how much they loved working with you.

These are just a few of my favorite housewarming gifts.  As you can see, it is possible to find personal, lasting and useful housewarming gift for your clients.   I always say “the sign of a great client gift is you buy one for your client and one for yourself.”  These housewarming gifts are so great you’ll definitely need two of them.