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One of my clients called wanting a really great retirement gift for the three founders of their firm.  These gentlemen had started the firm and put over forty years of their lives into it so the gift had to be extra special.  They were having a retirement party for them in a month and would present the gift at the party. When I asked what she had in mind, she wasn’t sure.  She simply said, “We Need a Great Gift.” She did however, know what she didn’t want.  She did not want any type of typical crystal gift.

Sometimes the hardest gifts to come up with are the ones that are wide open.

I always start by making a “requirements” list.  This helps to focus the search on the most important attributes the gift needs to have.


  • It had to be personal
  • It had to be meaningful
  • It had to be worthy of the significance of this occasion
  • The typical crystal options are out

Based on those requirements, I started looking at ideas.  I came up with a couple viable options, but immediately knew when I found “THE GIFT”.  I showed it to my client and she wholeheartedly agreed.

THE GIFT was a gorgeous high-end leather album from one of my favorite vendors.  In it, my client could place all kinds of mementos and pictures from the founding of the firm to today.  It included 100 pages with stickers that make it a snap to adhere items to the pages.

The leather is a beautiful top grain and items from this vendor always exude a high-end feel.  In addition, the album could be both imprinted with the company name and personalized with the founders names.

This gift fit absolutely all the requirements.  It was very personal and meaningful.  It was definitely worthy of the occasion.  The only downside to it was the amount of work my client had to do to fill the books up before the party.  However, it was such a perfect gift and she knew how much it would mean to both the recipients and their families that she wanted to do it.

She agreed after seeing this idea, all the other ideas paled in comparison and it was indeed the “perfect gift.”  I just love it when that happens!

When you are saying to yourself, “We Need a Great Gift”, contact Cheri at Pineapple Gifts.